Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane on Spectator Plaza


"your team sucks"


make me choose 
↳ anonymous asked: evgeni malkin or sidney crosby?

toews vs. emojis 


it seriously concerns me how attracted I am to hockey players expressing anger

  • NHL: *trades favorite player* *favorite player signs with a different team*
  • NHL fans: 
  • NHL fans: 
  • NHL fans: 
  • NHL: *trades another favorite player* *another favorite player leaves via free agency*
  • NHL fans: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

Blackhawks + Commercials…

I used to go out last and then Geno came in. I said “Oh, do you usually do last?” He goes, “Yeah.” And I go. “Oh.” Like, I wasn’t sure how to react like, “do you want to do rock, paper, scissors here? What are we gonna do?” And then he goes, “Oh, me three years super league.” I said, “Three years super league?” So he’s talking about how he played in the Russian professional league for three years and I’d only played one year in the NHL. - Sidney Crosby

Sid say he’s always last guy, and I play in Russia and I like too, to come last guy and we start little bit talk. And he say, “Maybe I’m-” and I say “No. I’m a little bit older and I play more hockey”. He’s laughing and understand me and I’m last guy. - Evgeni Malkin